Autumn in the countryside of south west Hampshire

Looking across the River Hamble at Curbridge Nature Reserve on the estate at Mottisfont, Hampshire

Take in the changing colours of autumn across the areas we care for in south west Hampshire. There are copper, gold and bronze hues on Stockbridge Down, while interesting fungi pops up among the undergrowth on Curbridge Nature Reserve.

Stockbridge Down

A changing landscape can be viewed from the hillfort, as the gales of autumn turn trees many shades of copper, gold and bronze. Patterns form as the sea of arable fields surrounding the Down are harvested and ploughed up.

In the hedgerows, sloes darken as they become ripe, ready for harvesting in October. 

Distant view of horses grazing in a pasture at Stockbridge Down, Hampshire
Walking trail

Stockbridge Down wildlife and history walk 

Follow our walking trail to explore Stockbridge Down in autumn. Discover an isolated island of characteristic chalk downland set in a sea of intensively farmed land, marked by ancient historic features.

Curbridge Nature Reserve

Fungi of all shapes, colour and size can be spotted throughout the reserve at this time of year, from the lilac hue of the amethyst deceiver, to the blood red fly agaric. 

Hazelnuts ripen from green to brown, and the wild service trees produce their berries, which have a glossy, reddish hue. Glossy blackberries can be found among the bushes around the meadow's edge.

As trees shed their summer leaves, the woodland floor becomes carpeted in gold and bronze. Framed by branches, views of the frosty, golden shimmer of the estuary reed beds become more visible as the leafy shield falls.