Casting Light installation at Mottisfont

A laser scan of Mottisfont's Whistler Room

An immersive art installation by artists Heinrich & Palmer which takes an imaginative journey through Mottisfont’s architectural layers using a combination of lighting, 3D laser scanning technology, video projection and sound. Originally created to be shown inside the house, Casting Light is now available online for you to experience from home.

Watch Casting Light

Heinrich & Palmer worked with local surveying company Geosight to take 3D laser scans in and around the house. The imagery for Casting Light has been from this 3D point cloud data: essentially a drawing of light created from millions of points of reflected light, built up to create an intricately detailed 3D representation of the building. 

This data has been rendered and used to generate a series of animated journeys through Mottisfont’s architectural layers, creating new ways of seeing and experiencing the building. 

The artists

Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer work in collaboration and together have a broad, cross disciplinary practice which encompasses installations, large scale projection events, films and photography.