Making Christmas at Mottisfont in 2016

A close-up of hands creating 'Five gold rings' Christmas decorations

This article was about our Christmas activities at Mottisfont in 2016. We'll be updating this with 2017 event information later in the year.

This year’s theme has seen the group make drums and pipes, decorate three giant hens and create numerous themed tree decorations. They’ve also decorated cupcakes, sewn fancy-dress costumes, and much more besides.

Together with creative work carried out by house and grounds staff, as well as artist installations, the Twelve Days of Christmas will be brought to life from 26 November – 3 January.


Making Christmas at Mottisfont

Take a look behind the scenes as our volunteers craft for Christmas at Mottisfont.

The lively group create all sorts of colourful and quirky props for Mottisfont’s seasonal events throughout the year. But Christmas is a particularly special time.

Housed in a studio full of ribbon, paper, glitter, feathers and everything in between, the group spend hundreds of hours crafting decorations to help create a festive atmosphere.

Planning begins in January, and everyone begins to exchange creative ideas early in the year. Crafting for Christmas begins in earnest during autumn.

There are challenges: some of their decorations will be displayed out in the grounds, so have to survive winter weather. Any installations have to be carefully planned to protect the historic nature of the house and grounds.

But the passion, energy and enthusiasm of these creative volunteers mean that they meet any challenges head-on.

" This has become a really rewarding time in my life. I meet up with a great group of people, am fully supported by the staff, and it has enabled me to channel my artistic flair - which I had no idea existed!"
- Sue Isherwood, creative volunteer at Mottisfont
Close up of a decorated Christmas tree with open door in background

The Night Before Christmas 

24 November - 6 January (excluding 24 and 25 December): scenes from the much-loved poem The Night Before Christmas are brought to life around the house and grounds, with exquisitely decorated rooms and a festive family trail.