Download resources for learning at Mottisfont

A child holding a compass

Working with the University of Southampton's Education Department, we have produced a number of free, curriculum-linked resources for primary-aged educational groups to make use of at Mottisfont. You can download teacher information and pupil worksheets here.

All the resources you can download here are as PDFs, but please don't hesitate to email if you'd like the files in another format.

Finding Your Way With Maps and a Compass 

These resources will introduce the use of a compass and enhance the understanding and use of simple maps. The two worksheets give practical experience of using a compass and map to find specific features.

Curriculum links: KS1 and KS2 Geographical Skills and Fieldwork

Teacher Information - Finding Your Way With Maps and a Compass (PDF / 0.505859375MB) download

Worksheet - Map Activities (PDF / 0.296875MB) download

Worksheet - Map Trail (PDF / 0.70703125MB) download

Making Sun Prints

This activity encourages children to look really carefully using magnifying glasses and then to draw their chosen leaf. From this they can then enjoy the process of making a sun print.   

Science enquiry objectives: Observing closely and using simple Scientific Equipment. Identifying and Classifying. Recording findings using simple scientific language, drawings.

Teacher Information - Making Sun Prints (PDF / 0.6162109375MB) download

Worksheet - Making Sun Prints (PDF / 0.0458984375MB) download

Measuring the Flow Rate of the Font Stream

The font at Mottisfont is a natural source of water that flows from an underground reservoir. Pupils can carry out a scientific investigation here to discover the flow rate of the stream.

Curriculum link: Scientific Enquiry Objectives UKS2: I can take measurements of time with increasing accuracy and precision, taking repeat reading and record my own data on a table.

Teacher Information - Measuring the Flow Rate of the Font Stream (PDF / 0.814453125MB) download

Worksheet - Measuring the Flow Rate of the Font Stream (PDF / 0.0322265625MB) download

The font stream in early summer at Mottisfont
The font spring garden in early summer at Mottisfont, Hampshire
The font stream in early summer at Mottisfont

Primary Creative Activities

These activities offer opportunities for children to explore the grounds of Mottisfont in an engaging and inspiring way while developing observational, creative and evaluative skills.

Teacher Information - Primary Creative Activities (PDF / 4.7392578125MB) download

Create some Land Art at Mottisfont
Trees, apples and conkers gathered to form a piece of Land Art in the grounds of Mottisfont, Hampshire
Create some Land Art at Mottisfont

Sensory Trail

Explore Mottisfont with your senses.

Mottisfont Sensory Trail (PDF / 0.8251953125MB) download

Story Builder Tool

Use open questions whilst following our "Mottisfont Wild Play Map” (available to collect when you do your pre-visit) to help children build their own stories.

Curriculum link: KS1/2 Literacy: Composition - articulating ideas and structuring these in speech and writing.

Teacher Information - Mottisfont Story Builder Tool (PDF / 0.86328125MB) download

Using Gear Mechanisms

Study gears in action at Mottisfont and carry out a comparative investigation.

Curriculum link: Forces Year 5. Learning Objectives/Success Criteria: I understand that some mechanisms allow a smaller force to have a greater effect. I can recognise that gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

Teacher Information - Using Gear Mechanisms (PDF / 0.3515625MB) download

Worksheet - Using Gear Mechanisms (PDF / 0.0693359375MB) download