How to make bird feeders

Robin in the garden at Scotney Castle, Kent

Mottisfont's learning group have created activities to help little ones get closer to nature at home. Make these simple feeders to attract hungry birds for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Apple bird feeder

You will need: 

  • An apple (an adult will need to core this first)
  • Two small sticks (each about 25cm long)
  • A piece of string (about 50cm long)

How to make your apple bird feeder:

1. Using one end of your string, tie the two sticks securely together to form an X.
2. Make a loop at the other end of the string so you can hang it up.
3. Thread the string through the cored apple until the apple meets the sticks.

An apple bird feeder
A homemade bird feeder using an apple and sticks
An apple bird feeder

Kebab stick bird feeder

You will need:

  • A wooden kebab stick
  • A few raisins, chunks of cheese and cubes of apple
  • Enough string to hang up your feeder

How to make your kebab stick bird feeder:

1. Thread the raisins, cheese and apple cubes onto the stick, leaving space at each end.
2. Tie the string to each end of the stick so you can hang it up.

A kebab stick bird feeder
A bird feeder made of a kebab stick and food scraps
A kebab stick bird feeder

Now hang your feeders somewhere you can see from a window and see who visits you for a meal. You could try making both types, and see which one different birds seem to like best.

Count how many birds come to visit – do you know what they are called? An adult could help you use a wildlife spotting book or look on the internet to find out what you have seen.

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