How to make cardboard binoculars

Blackbird, North Yorkshire Moors

Mottisfont's learning group have created activities to help little ones get closer to nature at home. Make these ‘binoculars’ to help spot birds from your window, garden or while out on a walk.

You will need: 

  • The cardboard tube from the inside of a kitchen roll, or two tubes from toilet roll
  • Tape
  • A length of string or wool

How to make your binoculars:

1. If you’re using a kitchen roll tube, cut this into equal halves.
2. Make a hole in each one, about 2-3cm from the end.
3. Put the two tubes together so that the holes you’ve made are on the outside.
4. Tape them together securely (be careful not to cover the holes).
5. Use your binoculars to look around, from your window or while you’re outside. What can you spot?

Cardboard binoculars
Cardboard binoculars on the grass
Cardboard binoculars

You could…

  • Count how many different birds you see. Do you know what they are called? An adult could help you use a wildlife spotting book or look on the internet to find out what you have seen.
  • Listen to the songs they sing. Can you sing the same tune?
  • Draw or paint your favourite bird.

Birds get frightened off really easily, so you'll need to be as quiet as you can, and not make any loud noises or sudden movements to stand the best chance of spotting them.

To help attract more birds, you could try making a bird feeder or a nest materials box: