Picnics at Mottisfont

A family having a picnic in the springtime at Mottisfont, Hampshire

It’s the perfect season for picnics, and our grounds offer some idyllic spots to enjoy an al fresco lunch while you visit. There are picnic tables and benches dotted around our grounds, and plenty of spaces to spread out a blanket.

You can either sample some takeaway delights from our Coach House Café, or feel free to pack your own hamper. Here are a few of our top spots to relax with your snacks; our visitor reception team will be able to guide you to these areas when you visit.

If you’ve forgotten any part of your picnic, pop into our shop at the welcome centre, where you'll find blankets and some other essentials - or a few tasty treats...

The winter garden parkland 

A number of picnic tables are spread out under the gently sloping lawn next to the winter garden, surrounded by trees which can offer much needed shade on the hottest days. Sitting here offers lovely views of house, stables and the village church spire.    

Sit among the trees in the parkland next to our winter garden
Picnic benches among trees on a lawn at Mottisfont, Hampshire
Sit among the trees in the parkland next to our winter garden

The paddock and beech circle

This is a popular place for families to picnic, with easy access to the café and facilities in the stables. It’s a great place for ball games and a run around after lunch. There are also trees here for shady spots, and views of the wider estate. The beech circle was a popular picnic spot for families that have lived here in the past, and there are picnic benches here now.

The east lawn

This peaceful riverside spot offers a beautiful view of the back of the house, framed with lovely lawns. There are a few benches here, or you can sit on the grass, listening to the trickling sound of the Test. Near the entrance to the lower floor of the house, it’s close to useful facilities.

The east lawn offers a beautiful view of the house
A view of the north-facing side of the house at Mottisfont, Hampshrie, looking over lawns
The east lawn offers a beautiful view of the house

Wild play areas

We've put some new picnic benches out in these popular family spots, so you can enjoy your lunch next to these much-loved play spaces. These areas offer views of the parklands and are framed by weeping willow.