The estate at Mottisfont

Sunrise on the Mottisfont estate, Hampshire

We look after 1600 acres of woodland and tenanted farmland in the local area, including Stockbridge Down and Marsh, and Curbridge Nature Reserve.

Our wider estate is a wonderful place to explore, take a relaxing walk and take in the sights of some of Hampshire's most glorious countryside. Discover ancient oak woodland, working hazel and chestnut coppices, wetland meadows and mixed plantations.

The River Test

The River Test, which flows through our grounds, has shaped the estate through the centuries.

As one of the great chalk streams of the world, The River Test has crystal clear waters. It’s an ideal habitat for wild trout and salmon.

It was here that Frederic Halford perfected the art of dry fly fishing. The four fishing 'beats' along the river are managed and conserved by our team.

The Oakley Beat is an important and historic conservation site
A stretch of the River Test at the Oakley Beat, on the estate at Mottisfont, Hampshire

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Discover these treasures of the Hampshire landscape on foot or by bike.


Meet one of our rangers

Our Ranger Cat is always busy out and about looking after our estate. Read Cat's blog to find out all the great work our team does to conserve the estate and enable you to see more of it.

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Area Ranger Cat Hadler
Catherine Hadler, Area Ranger for the estate at Mottisfont, Hampshire

Our friends in the forest

We also care for part of the New Forest. Why not check out the New Forest Northern Commons web pages for more information on what you can do there.

New Forest ponies drink at Dockens Water in the New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest Northern Commons

Find a place of retreat or adventure in this delightful sprawling wilderness that is the New Forest Commons, with its varied landscape of woodland, heathland, mire and grassland. At Hale Purlieu there's space to play or picnic. At Bramshaw there are plenty of walks for you and your dog. And at Ibsley and Rockford you'll be inspired by the wild, open scenery.