The rose garden restoration appeal at Mottisfont

 Rose Veilchenblau on arch, in the rose garden in June at Mottisfont, Hampshire

Mottisfont’s rose gardens will be 50 years old in 2024. We need your help to restore them as we approach this milestone, so we can celebrate in full splendour – and ensure Graham Stuart Thomas’s gardens are sustainable for another 50 years.

Money raised will help us carry out a phased replacement of our oldest roses which are coming to the end of their growing cycle, and we hope to restore much of the box hedging which has been ravaged by blight.

We also need to make the structure of the garden more sustainable, replacing dilapidated doorways, timber plant supports and strengthening the pathways. This will help the gardens to cope with the thousands of visitors who make a pilgrimage here every year, and enhance the experience for the many thousands yet to come.

We’re looking to raise £70,000 to help ensure our unique rose gardens are vibrant, healthy, and fit for a 50th anniversary. You can help by buying a raffle ticket when you visit, buying something from our second-hand bookshop or simply popping your spare change into our donation boxes.