Megan Daley

Conservation Assistant, Mottisfont

Megan Daley - Conservation Assistant

Having studied and then worked in archaeology Megan was looking for a new adventure within the heritage industry. Shortly after she began volunteering at Mottisfont Megan successfully applied for a position with the House Team. She's enjoying learning new skills and working in a great environment.

A profile of Mottisfont Conservation Assistant Megan Daley

I have always been passionate about all things historical, it’s part of what drove me to become an archaeologist and also make the move towards conservation. Coming from New Zealand I am fascinated by the extent of visible history in the UK and how much of a priority it is to maintain it here. 

It is a privilege to work for the National Trust and be part of the team that works to protect Mottisfont. I am also able to put my archaeological background to good use as I work on understanding the collection that is held here. 

Get to know a little more about Megan

Favourite thing to do at work? Cleaning the windows

Favourite pest commonly found in historic properties? Woolly bears, they sound cute!

Favourite book? Pride and Prejudice

Favourite object at Mottisfont? Not so much an object but I love the White Bedroom, it looked especially cosy at Christmas

Favourite tipple? A Strawberry Daiquiri