Mount Stewart

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All our houses, gardens, parks, toilets, cafes, shops and car parks are now closed to further restrict the spread of coronavirus. Mount Stewart is closed. Please do not travel here.

Neo-classical house, celebrated gardens and demesne

Mount Stewart


Mount Stewart house in the 1870s

Steeped in history 

Not many people know that both George Dance and William Morrison expanded Mount Stewart house after it was bought by the Stewart family in 1744.

Drawing Room at Mount Stewart

Experience the Londonderry Loan Collection at Mount Stewart 

Learn more about these items of international importance - items which also help set in a broader historical context the Londonderry family’s sense of public duty towards, and involvement in, national and international affairs alongside all the other wonderful family objects, portraits and memorabilia.

The fountain depicting Lady Mairi as a child in the Mairi Garden at Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart's world-class gardens 

With a rich tapestry of design and great planting artistry that was the hallmark of Edith, Lady Londonderry, visit Mount Stewart's gardens in County Down, recently voted in the top ten gardens in the world.

Mount Stewart


Crafts to do at home

A vivid pink flower at Mount Stewart

What's that plant? 

Have you discovered an unusual plant and wondered what it is? Drop us a line and our Garden Team can help you identify it.


How to care for your precious objects 

Learn how to care for your most precious belongings, from wedding dresses and family photos to heirloom silver and porcelain with these handy guides compiled by our conservation experts.

Mount Stewart

Our work

From glass plate negative, to digitised photograph

Digitising the Wynyard Darkroom Photography Collection 

This year a team of volunteers will be cataloguing, cleaning and digitising the darkroom collection of avid photographer Theresa, Lady Londonderry, Keep up to date with our latest discoveries.

Project to catalogue thousands of historic books at Mount Stewart

A new chapter for the book collection at Mount Stewart 

An ambitious project is underway at Mount Stewart to catalogue over 4,500 texts and make them digitally accessible to all

The lake with autumn trees at Mount Stewart House and Garden, County Down

Reinstating Mount Stewart's walled garden 

Mount Stewart’s walled garden is one of the gardens hoping to benefit from our Walled Gardens appeal which aims to restore these treasured growing spaces.

Mount Stewart


Mount Stewart

Get involved

An older man and a young woman planting in the gardens

Volunteering at Mount Stewart 

The safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors and supporters is our top concern and in accordance with Government guidelines on social distancing, our houses, shops, cafes, gardens and parks are now closed, and from March 24 all of our car parks will close. However, many will be grateful for support when they reopen. If you are interested in volunteering, please keep checking for future opportunities.

Mount Stewart

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Mount Stewart on the National Trust Collections website