Key Stage 1

Children dressed in Victorian costume, playing in the Mairi Garden at Mount Stewart

Explore, feel, listen, play.....

Subject: Language and Literacy, PDMU, The World Around Us

The ark club
Suitable for primaries one and two, this programme brings the pupils back to 1927 when little Mairi decides to explore her favourite parts of Mount Stewart. The children will learn through fun and engaging games and activities all about Mairi, her family and how they lived in and enjoyed this wonderful place. Pupils plant a seed and take it home to care for it.
Rainbow chips
A senses trail where pupils use all their senses to explore and find out more about how animals and insects use theirs.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, Physical Development and Movement, PDMU, The World Around Us

Victorian life
Children change into costume and learn what life was like at Mount Stewart one hundred years ago for a child of the Londonderry family, and the contrasting experiences of a ten-year-old servant girl. Pupils discover what going to school was like in Victorian times, take part in a play session which focuses on Victorian games and learn about popular late Victorian hobbies, such as photography and cross stitch. A visit to the Coach House to see the magnificent Londonderry Coach and to hear stories of servant life long ago rounds off an engaging day.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, PDMU, The World Around Us

The estate party 
A Christmas programme set in December 1950. Pupils discover how the grandchildren of the 7th Marquess of Londonderry are preparing for Christmas at a time of austerity and rationing. The children will meet Nanny who will show them the decorations the girls have made, tell them what the children might be getting for Christmas and more about their hobbies and amusements. Cook will appreciate their help getting the Christmas cake ready for the party and the mistress from the schoolhouse would love their help selecting carols and practising some tunes. Visiting pupils will also make Christmas decorations to take home using everyday materials.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, The World Around Us

Bug day
Mini-beast hunting, pond dipping and other fun activities allow pupils to discover more about the fascinating world of creepy crawlies, the habitats they live in and the animals and birds that depend on them for survival. Pupils will make their own weird and wonderful bug to bring home.

Subject: The Arts, Language and Literacy, The World Around Us

Spring, summer and autumn walks
Pupils explore the gardens and lake to learn all about the seasonal happenings of the plants and wildlife here, including our cheeky red squirrels. Pupils will use seasonal materials to create their own souvenir of their visit.
Autumn tree trail
Pupils become tree detectives and use the clues of tree shape, bark, seed and leaves to identify a selection of native and non-native common trees, and a few unusual ones too. They will make their own Mount Stewart bookmark using autumn leaves.

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