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Mount Stewart Conversations Festival 7 & 8 September 2019

Mount Stewart house, and the world famous gardens, will come alive with an eclectic mix of activities and entertainment including dance, music, and art.

Mount Stewart Conversations has teamed up with two cutting edge arts partners: Seedhead Arts and Beyond Skin, in order to create an amazing, and at times surprising, line-up of free entertainment and workshops during the two-day festival.

The Next Village – Free for all to enjoy

Grime Rap Trap Workshop
You’ll be making beats for peace and rhymes in no time.

Souls Liberation Jamaican Fusion Dance – Movement of Conversation
You will find your feet have something to say.

Here & Now Choir
The stress-relieving benefits of choir singing have been widely recognized. All voices and ages welcomed to be a part of the Here & Now in this vocal mindfulness workshop

Ukulele Swahili
Master four strings to the sweet sound of the Mama Africa of the modern era.

All Day

Experimental participatory photography.

Music Land: Drums and Percussion
Nature has a rhythm – we invite you to join in.

Indian Arts
Henna and mandala.

Peace of Art
There’s nothing like a brush laden with paint and a plain sheet of paper

Sound and Healing Spa Music to take you places.

Literific Live Debates
Smart, interactive and compelling. Not to be missed.

Seedhead Arts - Roaming- 10-5pm

Join us in the Next Village for an array of workshops, happenings, and fun. Make your own headdress or money… Make a giant animal from wicker or a tiny gnome from clay. Or shout about what’s important to you on Show Some Love Radio or Pony TV with Leonie Pony. Interactions and surprises abound.

Mount Stewart Conversations Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin return to Conversations Festival 2019

This talented group of artists, technicians, journalists, global educators and volunteers have once again put together a diverse kaleidoscopic programme for the festival weekend.

Mount Stewart 2019 Conversations Flamingo Branded Image

Festival talks

Join authors, historians, politicians and intellectuals for a variety of lively and interactive talks.

Mount Stewart Conversations 2019 Friends Sponsors

Friends of Mount Stewart Conversations Festival

Mount Stewart Conversations Festival is delivered with the support of a number of leading funding bodies, charities and arts organisations