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Published : 25 Sep 2017 Last update : 28 Sep 2017

Through the cohesiveness and chemistry of a diverse team of artists using their gifts for the greater good Beyond Skin design and facilitate innovative creative projects & solutions that strengthen community relations, nurture peace processes, and promote interaction between different cultures.

The work of Beyond Skin began January 2004 in Northern Ireland responding to the rise in racism & sectarianism influenced by the legacy of conflict.
Beyond Skin represent an international team of professional artists, facilitators, educators and technician’s passionate about creating positive social change through intercultural music, sound, arts, dance and digital media.

#ArtsDialogue collective is an intergenerational diverse team of artists & peace activists. The organisations represented in the collective are Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland), Heartbeat (Israel-Palestine), The Music Project (Sri Lanka) & Escuelas de Paz (Colombia)  Brehon Advisory. (active Internationally) and United Network of Young Peace Builders regarding #Youth4Peace initiative.
The team represents a shared creative resource of decades of experience in peacebuilding, community development and youth work within very different areas of conflict and post-conflict,.#Artsdialogue aims to challenge, question and provoke the status quo through unbounded creativity in the pursuit for a more peaceful and equal society.

#ArtsDialogue programme:

That Swahili Ukulele Laughter Thingymajig

Learn the Ukulele and play along to traditional Swahili songs with Mim Suleiman.

Indian Arts

Rangoli arts workshop hosted by Amita Ravikirana

The Art of Sound and Now

Music, Art & Sound workshop with #youth4peace ambassadors Dani Carragher (DANI), Andrea Walker, Claire-Louise Turner and guests.

Conversation wall

Interactive art wall with Jessica Beila

Sound and healing

Tibetan sound bowls workshop with Tessa Greer

Orchestras of Peace

Supported by British Council. Presentation Q&A session with Shalini Wickramasuriya (The Music Project Sri Lanka) Ahmad Sarmast (Afghanistan National Institute of Music) Chaired by Shelley Deane (Brehon Advisory).

Schools of Peace Colombia

Presentation Q&A session featuring artwork projections. With Amada Benavides: (Escuelas de Paz Colombia) Alejandro Valderrama Herrera (Advising the organisations Colibríes Foundation and New Society of the North eastern Region of Colombia Corporation)

Making the Dream Infectious

Founders & Directors of organisations in Sri Lanka, Colombia, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland talk about their influence, aspirations and challenges of managing and keeping the vision alive.

It's Just a Matter of Grime

Interactive music, rap production workshop facilitated by Raphael Frank and guests.

Heartbeart. Amplifying Young Voices

Gani Tamir, Mark Smulian and local youth group Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian youth through music.

Nikos Petsakos

Roaming musician who plays the Bazuki

*#ArtsDialogue includes the organisations Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland), Heartbeat (Israel-Palestine), The Music Project (Sri Lanka) &Escuelas de Paz (Colombia) United Network of Young Peace Builders and Brehon Advisory.

The Art of Jamie Harper & Robinson Sanchez

#ArtsDialogue Artwork displays and projections.

Please note: programme is subject to change