Horses Return to Historic Rides of Mount Stewart

Horses Return to the Historic Rides of Mount Stewart
Published : 07 Jun 2017

On the 25th May 2017 for the first time since 1973, horses returned to the rides of Mount Stewart, originally created by a family of horse lovers and riders

Mount Stewart welcomed British Horse Society Gold Members for an exclusive, after-hours event that gave access to these stunning trails. Thanks to Lady Rose and Peter Lauritzen for their family legacy and their delight at horses returning to Mount Stewart and also to the National Trust staff and volunteers for working so well with the British Horse Society Ireland to organise the Ride Out UK.

40 lucky British Horse Society Members and their horses enjoyed an approximately three mile loop of picturesque rides, some bordered by magnificent woodland, others by open farm land and then there was the superb view of Strangford Lough seen from the Temple of the Winds.

With 2 more rides planned for summer 2017, this will be the start of a series of exclusive events at Mount Stewart for British Horse Society members and further information will be available soon at and on The British Horse Society Ireland facebook page.

The new trails are the first phase in a ten-year plan at Mount Stewart to develop access across the remainder of the demesne, with the ultimate goal of providing up to 20 miles of trails.