Women and Power at Mount Stewart

Throughout 2018, the National Trust will be celebrating the centenary of the Representation of People Act which brought the vote to some women for the first time. To mark this historic moment, we will be celebrating the lives and legacies of the women who made our places special with a series of special events. At Mount Stewart our focus will be on the women of the Londonderry family whilst exploring perceptions of power

Edith, Lady Londonderry
Mount Stewart Women Power Nancy Astor Edith Londonderry

Faces of Change ‘Votes for Women’ Touring Exhibition comes to Mount Stewart 

The exhibition will open on 9 November 2018 and will run from Thursday-Sunday 11am-3pm until 3 February 2019

Yeats' Women

Yeats' Women 

In Yeats’ Women” singer/actress Glynis Casson and actor Daniel Costello tell the story of Yeats’ life and all the women who supported and inspired him. The story is illustrated by his wonderful poetry, some of which has been put to music and sung by Harpist/Singer Claire Roche and Glynis with harp accompaniment.