Mr Straw's House

Mr Straws House
Mr Straw's House

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Worksop Walks

Wed 22 May 2019
Join us for a guided walk, taking in the places the Straw's worked, worshipped and wandered.

Make a May Millipede

Tue 28 May 2019
Make your own marvellous May millipede!

The Straws Revealed

Thu 20 Jun 2019
Ever wondered what is hidden within the cupboards and drawers at Mr Straw's House? Join our 'Straws Revealed' tour to find out.
Mr Straw's House

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Mr Straw's House

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Mr Straw's House

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Mr Straw's House


Call us to arrange your education visit

Fancy learning a little more?  

From little learners to university students; from further education colleges through to U3A there's something for every education group at Mr Straw's House.

Mr Straw's House


The front of Mr Straw's House

Organise a group visit with us today 

Why not get in touch with us to arrange your group visit today? With the chance to visit before we open, in the evening or even during the normal opening day there is lots of things to see and do at Mr Straw's House.

Mr Straw's House

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at Mr Straw's House on the National Trust Collections website