Come inside out of the rain

Florence and William Snr are prepared for the changing weather

The Straw family were always prepared for all weathers. An umbrella in hand, just in case. It is rare to find a photograph of William Snr and Florence without one. Did you know there is a National Umbrella Day on 10 February?

William and Walter, the sons of our family, are often remembered by the locals as being smartly dressed as they made their way down through town, umbrella in hand in case of inclement weather.  In fact you might spot a photograph showing them doing just that in our tea room, as you enjoy a hot beverage.  The gardens may be lovely for a spot of tea on a sunny day the benefit of heading indoors is the opportunity to leaf through our Straw family photo album as you enjoy a drink.

Our display room shares stories of Florence Straw, the mother to William and Walter. Take a peak at some of her clothing and costume, her art work normally hidden from view in the Lumber Room and explore the changing lives of women.

In the Conservation Studio you can learn more about the work we do with the collection, cleaning and cataloguing the wide range of items the family amassed over the decades they lived at Blyth Grove.  Chat with the House Steward about the ongoing work and ways you can explore the collection from the comfort of your own home.

When the time of your tour rolls around savour the opportunity to enjoy a more intimate experience.  With grey skies and rain pattering against the window it’s easy to imagine the Straw brothers reading by the fire, insulated from the modern world in their comfortable family home. If you fancy visiting on a special tour, A Night With The Straws which takes place in October may be just up your street.