Could you become the next Straw’s Apprentice?

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As the weather changes and the spring flower begin to bloom join us at Mr Straw’s House for our new family activities this 2017 Easter holiday. Could you become the next Straw’s Apprentice?

Walter Straw is looking for a new apprentice to help in the shop. He was trying to work out how to decide on the next apprentice when his brother, who was making some of the family recipes handed down from his mother, mentioned some of the ingredients seem to have wandered off around the house. On your tour, keep an eye out for the amounts of things William will need for his recipe and prove to Walter you could be his next apprentice. 

After your tour head to the Orchard, grab some clothing and practice your weighing and measuring skills. After all, Grocers need to be able to prove their skills to be successful in their trade.  

Stay a little longer with us this Easter too, and enjoy the gardens as they spring back into life. Take a look into the greenhouse and see Walters’ cacti collection. Take a peek into the Washhouse and the kitchen and explore our outdoor spaces. If the weather is warm enough, enjoy a cup of tea from the tea room with a book from the second-hand bookshop.