Discover what's hidden in the garden this Hallowe'en

The original greenhouse at Endcliffe Villa, a replica now stands in its place

A new Grocer’s Diary was used each year by the Straws Grocers shop to take note of delivers and orders every day. The Grocers Diary was always packed with exciting advertisements for produce such as butter, yeast, and cocoa. The Straw family could buy any of the produce advertised for their shop.

Customers of Mr Straw's Grocers would have more variety to choose from when doing their shopping because of these new goods. Some produce even came all the way from Holland, which was very unusual, and would probably cause quite a stir amongst the regular customers.

As you tour Mr Straw’s House, can you keep an eye out for advertisements in the Grocers Diary’s?  They will help solve Walters’s clues for William. Afterwards, why not head into the Garden to discover what is hidden. (Don’t forget to check the Greenhouse...)

If you want to see some of the actual produce sold at the grocers, like the ones advertised in the Grocers Diary, drop by our exhibition rooms. Have a nose through the window of the family’s shop and see if you can spot a few items you recognise, and quite possibly, a few that you don’t.