Putting the House to Bed

Conservation at Mr Straws House

As the day light fades into the winter there is only a few weeks left before Mr Straw’s House closes its doors to visitors for another season. As we prepare for the annual conservation clean, there is still an opportunity to come along and visit this special little gem. An Edwardian Semi-detached house, nestled on a private road, seems ordinary on the outside, but the true uniqueness shines through when you step through the doors. A house which was lived in by the same family from 1923 through to 1985, it is a true family home, complete with the furniture and possessions which the family amassed over the years, a little treasure trove to the domesticity of the turn of the century and a nostalgic glimpse into lives where many of the modern conveniences we take for granted are missing. Mr Straw’s House represents a truly unique visit.

If you fancy staying with us a little longer, or have ever wondered what happens when the property is closed for the winter, why not consider one of our Putting the House to Bed Tours? Led by the conservation team, this tour explores the challenges faced and techniques used to continue to care for this amazing collection of over 30,000 objects. Step beyond the ropes, and see what lies behind some of the locked doors as we journey through the activities involved in caring for this property for future generations. These tours run on the last three open days of the season, 2-4 November 11am and 2pm each day and cost £10pp including members.

By popular demand we have extended the number of these tours, so please book early to avoid disappointment by calling 01909 482380.