Walk back in time

Mr Straw's boots

The Straw and Winks family had many important connections to the town in which they lived. Then a thriving market and mining town with five ducal estates converging on its southern edge and the introduction of a railway bringing tourism to the town. The brothers, William jnr. and Walter would comment on how everyone knew that their maternal grandfather was the local councillor David Wall Winks. Their mother Florence was a well educated Sunday school teacher, an important role in Victorian life, and their father William Snr. had the allotments for those that could afford a green-fingered past time.

The family had many past times and interests, walking being one of them. In 1949 the Commons introduced a National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act, part of which was to give responsibility to each local council `to show upon all maps all footpaths, bridle paths and roads used as public paths therein`. The Borough of Worksop formed a Public Rights of Way Committee holiding their inaugural meeting on 19 February 1951, where is was decided that a team of volunteers would need to carry out the works. William jnr. received a letter from the committee and a `green memorandum on the subject` alongside a `typed schedule of information` on 6 March 1951, the brothers were now part of the towns new volunteer team.

The brothers were very influential in the local community and town. If you would like to learn more on the history of Worksop, the family connections to the town why not join us on one of our Worksop Walks or pick up a booklet at the property and take you and your family for a walk back in time.