Walks and more this autumn at Mr Straws

red berries on a background of green leaves

Exercise your legs and your brain at Mr Straw’s this Autumn!

If you love kicking through piles of leaves on a crisp autumn day, why not try one of our guided walks this season?

Join one of our guided walks this autumn
A man and two little girls walking away from the viewer along a woodland path
Join one of our guided walks this autumn

We know that the Straw family were keen walkers, and loved to get out in the countryside, whether they were walking to church, or delivering groceries around the town and to the great estates at Clumber and Welbeck.

New for 2019 is the ‘Towpath Trek’ which takes you along the Chesterfield Canal as it runs through Worksop. This walk will form part of this year’s Walking Festival, organised by the Chesterfield Canal Trust between the 14th- 22nd September.

Also this season you can join us on one of our ever popular Worksop Walks, which takes you on a stroll down memory lane around the town. See the historic highlights and visit the places where the Straw family worked, worshipped and walked. Our guides will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the many interesting stories to be told.

Priory Gatehouse, Worksop
A group of people walking away from the viewer under a stone archway with trees in the background
Priory Gatehouse, Worksop

If you fancy something a little more sedate, but a workout for the brain, our Half Term trail will test your grey matter!

Have you ever sent a postcard home to friends and family when you’ve been on holiday? Now that we can send pictures across the world instantly and easily it’s rare we send the card alternative, but in the past postcards played an important role. 

To the Straw family, and other people of their time, postcards weren’t just for sending home, but for collecting as a means of showing people where you’d been, or keeping as a souvenir of your trip. 

Victoria Square Worksop, from the Straw family's postcard collection
A black and white postcard of a street scene with shops either side of a road.
Victoria Square Worksop, from the Straw family's postcard collection

Unfortunately Halloween seems to have got a few postcards in a mischievous mood and they’re hiding round and about the house.  This October Half Term, can you help us track down the postcards of mystical British sites and follow the directions they give to work out what route William and Walter had planned for their wander round Worksop?

The Compass Conundrum runs between the 22nd and 27th October and will have you scratching your heads this autumn at Mr Straw’s House!