Meet Mr Straw's CMS expert, Alison

Alison Mitchelson holding a box at Mr Straw's House

CMS expert Alison discusses her role at Mr Straw's House.

How did you come to be Collections Management System Project Officer for the Midlands – East?

I spent two years over in Northern Ireland for the National Trust as their Assistant Curator, mainly working on Collections Management; it was a fixed term contract and when it ended I went freelance. I carried out some freelance work at Calke Abbey and Kedleston Hall so when this job came up I was keen to work in the region. I still work freelance for the rest of the week that I am not doing this job.

What work do you do in your role?

My main role is to support the National Trust properties and collections staff in Collections Management. This means anything from helping to keep the system up to date, to training new staff, refreshing existing staff and volunteers and helping to publicise and raise awareness of the collections more in the region and further afield.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Gosh, it has to be the variety. One day I could be handling the finest Meissen porcelain and the next it could be some old soup tins!

Tell us about an interesting object you’ve discovered.

I find interest in most objects I come across, especially those that I have a particular interest in. My first love is art and paintings in particular. Again the variety of these in our properties is vast, from your amateur works to the great masters.