The gallery at Nymans

Maud Messel in the Forecourt Garden at Nymans

The small gallery at Nymans has a changing programme of year round exhibitions. The exhibition for spring and early summer is 'A well designed garden' which runs until Sunday 18 June.

A well designed garden?

This exhibition for winter/spring is an exploration into the development of Nymans garden: the personalities, whims and aspirations of its makers and improvers. Based around some of Nymans key characters, the exhibition will reveal more about the personalities who contributed to the creation of this well-loved garden.

Using diary extracts, photos and personal items belonging to the key characters responsible for the way in which the garden evolved, the exhibition will also include botanical art produced by the Floriligium Society.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 21 January until Sunday 18 June.

Botanical painting by Merrill Plowman
Botanical painting by Merrill Plowman

The Floreligium Society

The Nymans Florilegium is a group of botanical artists that includes Victoria Messel the great-granddaughter of Ludwig Messel. They were founded in 2006 and continue the work Ludwig began 100 years ago by recording Nymans’ plant collection in botanical drawings.

Damage caused by the Great Storm of 1987
Damage caused by the Great Storm of 1987

A break in the clouds: emerging from the Great Storm

On the night of 15th October 1987, a storm ripped through South East England.  It devastated the Gardens and put the future of Nymans in jeopardy.  The task ahead seemed impossible, but through hard work and dedication, one of our greatest tragedies became our biggest opportunity.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 1 July until Sunday 19 November 2017