50 things activities at Ormesby Hall this Spring

Two children climbing a fallen tree in the garden

Spring is welcomed by the sound of bleating sheep and the bright yellow of the daffodils. This is the best time to start ticking off activities from the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾ list.

Number 1: Climb a tree

There are plenty of trees on the estate and in the garden which are great for climbing. Have a practice on the fallen trees in the woodland for a practice first.

Number 4: Build a den

Build yourself a shelter in the nearby woodlands and discover the unexplored parts of the garden.

Number 6: Run around in the rain

There will be plenty of opportunities to run around in the rain this winter and so you should easily tick this one off and have great fun splashing in muddy puddles. 

Number 12: Make a trail with sticks

Gather up lots of sticks so that you can lay them on the ground in the shape of arrows. Then you just need to find someone to follow your trail to the end!

Number 13: Make a mud pie

Get messy and make a mud pie creation.

Number 16: Make a daisy chain

Making a daisy chain is a perfect summer activity when the sun is shining. All you need is a patch of grass with daisies and you're ready to start your daisy chain.

Number 18: Create some wild art

Collect twigs, leaves, feathers and other fallen items in the garden to create a piece of wild art.

Number 31: Hunt for bugs

The gardens are home to all kinds of bugs, from spiders, woodlice, centipedes and worms to name a few. Have a peek inside the bug homes around the garden and look under logs and leaves to see which bugs you can spot this spring.

Number 34: Go bird watching

Springtime is a great time to see the nesting birds and spot the newborns leaving the nest for the first time.  Find a spot in the garden to sit quietly to listen to bird song and see how many different birds you can spot at this time of year