Ormesby Hall's Summer of Fun

Playing a game of table tennis in the garden

Join us and enjoy the great outdoors with sporting activities every day in the garden and Nature Mondays, 50 Things Tuesdays and Crafty Wednesdays.

Summer of sport at Ormesby Hall

During the summer have a go at a variety of sports in the garden. There are hurdles on the front lawn for some hobby horse racing and you can use the stripes from the lawnmower to have a race on then natural 100m track and mark down your time. Then venture into the formal garden and play with some garden games and challenge each other to limbo. On the croquet lawn you can have a game of football and compete in a game of croquet. There is also tennis, badminton and cricket you can enjoy. So come along this summer and get sporty as a family and have some fun. *

Nature Mondays
Come along and find out more about the wildlife which lives at Ormesby Hall. We are looking for your help to count how many butterflies use the garden so on Monday 24 July and 14 August you can search the garden for butterflies and count them for us and then make a butterfly craft to take home. Bees are also garden residents and can often be seen around the lavendar and we also have a rare honey bee nest inside one of the trees.So join us on Monday 31 July and 21 August to make a bee hotel using just a mug to encourage bees to work in your garden. A rare sight in the garden is the hedgehogs who only appear when everyone is gone and so to help protect the hedgehogs and encourage them to make Ormesby Hall their home we will be making hedgehog homes to go in the garden, so come along and help us on Monday 7 and 28 August. *

50 Things Tuesdays
Join us for a free workshop to tick off one of the 50 things to do before you're 11¾. You can forage in the garden to create some wild art on Tuesday 25 July and 15 August by using the fallen items to decorate your painting. Then on Tuesday 1 and 22 August join us on a hunt for bugs around the garden and if you're brave you may even hold one. If you are looking to test your skills then join us to build model rafts which we will then be testing in the paddling pool to see if they float. *

Crafty Wednesdays
Ruth Pennyman of Ormesby Hall was a very artistic lady and so take inspiration from Ruth and get creative this summer. Every Wednesday you can make something different from twig windchimes, garden decorations and lavendar bags. *

Sporting Fun
Sunday 27 - Wednesday 30 August
Join us for an afternoon of fun and take part in some novelty sports races, from sack racing to hobby horse jumping. *

A perfect picnic spot
Enjoy the colours and scents of the garden in summer and find a perfect picnic spot to enjoy your lunch with the children playing games nearby. There are many hidden spaces in the garden, including seating in the old summer house and benches by the rose garden, offering great views of the house.

Stuuning view of Ormesby Hall capturing the colourful formal garden
central view of the back of Ormesby hall taken from the bedding plants in the formal garden
Stuuning view of Ormesby Hall capturing the colourful formal garden

* Normal Admission Entry Prices apply and some events have an additional small charge