An autumn display in the garden

Family sat on a bench in the garden

Catch autumn colour cascading down through the woodlands and within the formal garden at Ormesby Hall, with reds, glistening oranges and browns set against a bright blue autumn sky.

As the nights draw in and there's a slight chill in the air, join us in the garden to see the beautiful autumnal colours.

As you arrive at Ormesby Hall and drive through the parkland you are welcomed by scenes of harvesting as the tenant famer begins his ploughing across the fields. This creates a seasonal welcome continued on the walk up to the hall where branches overhang the pathways displaying the seasonal changes happening.

The gardens we care for are full of vibrant, warming colours at this time of year as the leaves turn golden and red and they are scattered across the paths and lawns.

Entering the formal garden you are met by the commanding greenery of the yew hedges and magnificent ancient copper beech tree. Look out for splashes of colours from rosehips, autumn crocuses and late flowering shrubs. We have also welcomed a second flush of delphiniums, and the emerging scented clerodendron bush and the bright purple colchicum, splashes more colour around the garden than just oranges. 

Autumn is the ideal time to explore the gardens, jump in crunchy leaves, discover shiny conkers and enjoy the invigorating fresh air with all the family.

What are our gardeners up to?

Throughout the autumn, our gardeners are kept busy...

  • The Senior Gardener and his garden volunteers begin to focus on the wider estate and the annual tree surveys to maintain the health and safety of the broadleaved woodlands.

  • The big job of scrub clearance begins

  • They make habitat improvements in various parts of the estate to encourage more wildlife and care for them during the colder months.

  • Collecting fallen leaves to store in our homemade leaf bins, where they will turn into a rich mulch in only 2 years’ time.

  • Pruning back the Roses and ornamental shrubs in the Formal Garden to maintain their shape and prevent wind-rock damage

  • Trimming the formal hedges to restore their nice crisp lines and define their distinctive shapes

  • Cutting down, splitting up and tidying the mixed perennial herbaceous borders

Find out more...

On Thursdays you will find the gardening team hard at work cutting the lawns, and on Wednesdays they can often be found in the formal garden, whatever the weather. They'll be happy to tell you more about the gardens and share a few of their tips, or you can just take a seat and enjoy the results of all their hard work.