Dog walking at Ormesby Hall

Dog walking through the parkland on a lead

With acres of parkland to explore, Ormesby is a great place to share with your dog.

There's over 200 acres to explore, through the woodlands, across the fields and along the stream. Whether you’d like a gentle stroll or a longer walk you can take in the quietness of the parkland and enjoy the different views of the hall and gardens as you pass on by.

On open days well behaved dogs are welcome on leads in the garden and courtyards.

We welcome assistance dogs only in our indoor spaces, including the mansion and tea-room, but all paws are very welcome to explore the garden and parkland.Only assistance dogs are allowed in the house.

Help us keep Ormesby a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for you, your dog, other visitors, and the wildlife and farm animals. Please keep your dog on a lead at all times and under control when passing the livestock and please always pick up after them.