The poppy knitting group

A cascade of knitted poppies flowing from the dining room table, accompanied by the vicar and church warden

At Ormesby Hall we have started a Knit and Chat group to come together and knit poppies for a remembrance poppy display in remembrance of those lost during the First World War.

The knit and chat group meet every Wednesday at 1pm at Ormesby Hall and would love to see new faces. Join us for a chat as we do some knitting, the group have been knitting poppies for months and are now starting their Christmas knitting for the house's 1950s christmas decorations.

Remembrance Poppy Display, from Sunday 7 October

See over 700 poppies knitted by visitors, volunteers, the local community and people from all over the country displayed in the Dining Room to remember the fallen soldiers of the First World War. The poppies will be a central feature in a dining room offering a peaceful space for remembrance.

Also in the Dining Room will be information of the 14 local men named on the plaque in St Cuthbert’s Church, Ormesby who went to war and lost their lives, including Duncan MacBean, who was a cousin in the Pennyman family.

Thank you to everyone for donating knitted poppies and for joining knit and chat, if you are interested in getting involved then please call 01642 328908 for more information.

Normal admission applies during normal opening to see the poppies, but there is a special free entry day on Sunday 11 November.