Spring has sprung in the garden at Ormesby Hall

Enjoy a walk as the spring flowers begin to fill the garden with colour.

See the garden come to life with an array of colours this season as it wakes up to welcome spring. The first signs spring has arrived can be seen as the sunny daffodils welcome you into the garden, followed by the vibrant tulips in the borders during April and early May. Spectacular spring colour can be seen as the rhodendrons flower duing May adding a mix of colour to the borders with patches of bluebells through the woodland.  Your senses will be awakened by the smell of wild garlic in the air, so follow your nose to find where the pretty white flowers burst open.

May will also witness the weaving of the wisteria branches as they fill with their green leaves and burst into colourful shades of purple. Look closely and you will see the difference between the Japanese and Chinese wisteria, which both cloak the dining room windows. Their grape like flowers look stunning on a sunny day and create a different view from indoors.

Spring is an active time for the birds as they build their nests ready for their family to grow. The swallows and robins choose to nest in the courtyard, with the blue tits and chaffinches high up in the trees. Bird song fills the air creating a peaceful atmosphere ready for the newborns to emerge. You’ll find bees at their busiest in the lavender and amongst the bright azaleas, with the butterflies relaxing on the flowers outside the tea-room. 

Every time you come to see the garden, your visit helps us care for Ormesby Hall for years to come.