A Victorian Christmas - Penrhyn Castle's schools programme 2018

Christmas in the kitchens at Penrhyn Castle

Step back in time and help Penrhyn Castle prepare for a traditional Victorian Christmas through the eyes of the Victorian gardeners and housemaids.


Dates available are 27-30 November, 4-7 December, 11-14 December 2018, and you can choose from 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm to visit us.

(Minimum group size 15 children, maximum 40)

How much does it cost?

The programme cost is £4.80, plus an admission cost of £4.10. This comes to a total cost of £8.90 per child. If your school has a National Trust Education Group membership, the total cost will only be £4.80 per child. For more information on our Education Group Membership please contact us.

What will they learn?

The children will be welcomed into the Grand Hall by a costumed gardener or housemaid; they have been invited to help create traditional Christmas decorations and crafts. They will have a hands-on experience, and will leave with a bag of crafts they have made during their visit.

The themes explored will be: Rich and poor, class and society, Victorian life Vs todays life, Victorian traditions, traditional use of evergreen, the environment and local history. 

What is involved?

Making Christmas decorations in the Victorian Kitchen at Penhryn Castle
Making Christmas decorations in the Victorian Kitchen
Making Christmas decorations in the Victorian Kitchen at Penhryn Castle


The group will be split into three smaller groups, and rotate around three activities;

  1. Making a traditional Christmas decoration using evergreen foliage; Evergreen was used by all classes of society to decorate homes as it was so readily available. Its use is a tradition that was passed on to symbolise the strength of life through the harsh winters.

  2. The custom of sending Christmas cards took off in the Victorian period. They will learn when the tradition of sending Christmas cards began and make a Christmas card of their own.

  3. They will try their hand at cracker making; See how the Victorians began the tradition of crackers at Christmas, what they would have been packed with… I wonder, did they snap?

The children will be able to take home their own creation from each activity.  It will all be presented in a paper bag as a take-home gift and a momento of their day with us.

To finish, the group will all come together in the Grand Hall to sing a carol to celebrate Christmas.
(Standard carol choice will be ‘Pwy sy’n dwad dros y bryn?’ andcan be changed upon request).

Why not make it a full day experience?

Schools are more than welcome to make their visit to Penrhyn Castle a full day experience; the grounds will be open for self-lead activities where an outdoor trail will be available. Subject to availability, we may be able to offer a space for eating packed lunches.

For more information and to book please contact - 

Visitor Experience Team

Castell Penrhyn
LL57 4HN
01248 353 084