Brilliant Bluebells at Penrhyn Castle

Beautiful bluebells carpet the grounds in front of Penrhyn Castle

Visit Penrhyn's gardens to see the carpets of violet flowers surrounding the area during the months of April and May.

Spring arrives and settles in to the warmer days and lighter evenings, and with it here at Penrhyn comes a stunning display of brightly coloured perennial blooms, including the stunning bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta).

If you visit the gardens here at Penrhyn during the months of April and May you will no doubt come across several areas carpeted with these eye-catching  flowers.  The bluebell is often regarded as the United Kingdom's favourite flower, and is even used in a very stylised form as the logo for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

It is often found in wooded areas, and is an indicator of an area of ancient woodland due to its love of the early springtime sunlight and being left undisturbed for long periods of time, in fact, the longer the better.

A couple walking through a field of bluebells at Penrhyn Castle
A couple taking photographs amongst the bluebells at Penrhyn Castle
A couple walking through a field of bluebells at Penrhyn Castle

Nectar of the gods...or butterflies at least

Our lovely bees here at Penrhyn will also be enjoying the bluebells as they are full of rich nectar that provides food for many butterflies, bees and other insects in the gardens too.

Carpets of bluebells are a stunning sight around the grounds of the castle, so why not come along and enjoy them for the short period of time during each year that we can marvel at their beauty.....and take some lovely photographs along the way of course.