Penrhyn Castle Dark Skies Festival 2020

The night sky is one of the joys of a winter in Wales. This February half term we’ve teamed up with Snowdonia National Park to celebrate Snowdonia’s status as an International Dark Skies Reserve with four days of fun dark skies events and activities for all ages.

Over 4 days (and evenings) we’ll explore the night’s sky, learn about stars, constellations and planets, explore our traditions, cultural heritage and relationship with the night’s sky and find out how being a Dark Skies Reserve has a positive impact on our environment, nature and our lives.

Teaming up with Snowdonia National Park's Dark Skies team and Techniquest Glyndwr we'll bring the night's sky indoors, during daylight hours - thanks to a 5 meter, 360 degree projection planetarium - the StarDome

During the four days you will also have the opportunity to experience and celebrate other starry night activities including Dark Skies talks, evening stargazing walks, fireside star stories, nocturnal animal experiences, nature trails and visit the Grand Hall for special Zodiac Tours.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each individual event and activity, including how to book your place.

Families gather around the campfire to hear stories

Fireside star stories

Take a walk with us into the woods as we settle down by our new fire-pit for some starry storytelling. Learn how the stars helped shape Welsh history and hear some of the myths, legends and literature, inspired by the nights sky.

Colourfull stained glass depicts the months of the year and zodiac signs in the grand Hall at Penrhyn Castle

Zodiac talks

Find out more about the amazing zodiac stained glass windows in the grand hall, their history and the inspiration behind them. (Limited spaces)

The constellation Ursa Major over Penrhyn Castle

Evening stargazing walks

Join us for a wonderful evening of stargazing, constellation spotting and exploring the North Wales night's sky. Led by the Snowdonia Dark Skies National Park team. Booking essential.

Inside a planetarium at Dunstable Downs Bedfordshire

StarDome experience

Take a celestial journey to explore the constellations inside the StarDome planetarium (£3.50 per person)