Explore the Walled Garden at Penrhyn Castle in late Winter

Visit the walled garden at Penrhyn Castle

Whilst Winter is a quiet time for Penrhyn Castle’s garden and grounds, there are plenty of seasonal gems to discover on a stroll around the Walled Garden. Here are some tips on what to look out for.

Enter the Walled Garden through the door in the garden's weathered brick wall and walk in onto the top terrace.

A frosty morning in the Walled Garden
White frost covers the plants and pathways in the Walled Garden on a cold winters morning
A frosty morning in the Walled Garden

On your left, springwood heathers are coming into flower and their tiny fresh flowers may catch your eye. By the second arch on the garden's right hand wall, savour the delicate scent of Jasminum officinale which is unseasonally in bloom. Beyond the jasmine, discover pink Fuchsia mycrophyllla which has been steadily in flower for months; its small bell-shaped flowers are beautiful. Tucked against the far wall beyond the upper terrace is Abutilon megapotamicum - its dangling, bell-shaped flowers with yellow petals and large crimson calyx are quite eye catching.

Edging the upper terrace, by the furthest pond, Viburnum is in flower. Enjoy its rosé tinted stems and creamy white flowers and the contrast created by its dark indigo berries. Nearby you will see Fuchsia magellanica ‘Alba’, which is still displaying its delicate white flowers and the last few blooms from the long-established cherry pink Malena roses.

To the right of the steps leading down from the upper terrace to the lower part of the Walled Garden, discover Leucojum vernum, more commonly known as the 'spring snowflake'. Its pretty white flowers are bell-shaped, often tipped with green. You will also see Japanese quince which is just coming into flower - a flash of orange and salmon.

Looking out over a frost-covered garden
Looking out from the Walled Garden towards the Water Garden and taking in the Bellvedere
Looking out over a frost-covered garden

Low-growing pulmonarias are nestling in the border below the steps along with a striking lipstick pink camellia. You will also find Viburnum bodnantense - its delicate pink flowers which over time fade to white have the most exquisite, heady perfume. Well worth sampling.

To the left of the fuchsia arch, leave the path and discover the Chinese witch hazel - its strongly fragrant, delicate bright golden-yellow flowers are in full bloom and are a real treat. Its leafless branches are dotted with fragile pale green lichens. Nearby, an azalea is in full bloom, showing off its delicate pink flowers.

To the right of the fuchsia arch look down over Lady Sybil’s Water Garden which is currently under development. The far bank is a mass of beautiful snowdrops and is interspersed with hellebore 'slaty blue'; below, the gunnera is starting to bud. Once you have finished exploring the Walled Garden, warm up in the stable yard coffee shop or castle tea room where you can buy hot drinks and snacks.

Make some time to take a wander around Penrhyn Castle’s Walled Garden this Winter and discover its seasonal secrets.