Filming at Penrhyn Castle and Garden

Penrhyn Castle and Garden

Penrhyn Castle has long been admired for its dramatic Neo-Norman style. Its sense of grandeur and opulence has often provoked the question from visitors: ‘Has anything ever been filmed here?’

This autumn, Penrhyn Castle will have its opportunity to star as a major film set, hosting the filming of something very exciting and new – and just a little bit different!

An exciting time!

From mid-September until mid-October, through the magic of set dressing, props and the technical wonders of cinematography, Penrhyn Castle and Garden will be transformed into a film set for the first time.

We are pleased to announce that we will host American Pay TV Service HBO, who will be filming in a variety of different rooms and areas throughout the castle and garden.

Between 10 and 14 September, the production company will be onsite for the initial set-up.  Excitingly during this time, the company will be set dressing some rooms of the castle.

Visitors will still be able to visit most of the usual parts of the castle and grounds with minimal disruption. We aim to limit the impact to our visitors as much as possible - however, some areas of the property may need to be closed at short notice.

Castle Closures

From 17 September to 5 October, the castle will be closed on some weekdays, Monday to Friday, while the crew are filming. During this period, there will be no Early Bird Tours or Railway Museum offer. There will be guided tours to the ‘Time’ exhibitions on the Keep floors, 12 Stories and Harrison’s Garden.

Entry will be at a specially reduced price that includes access to the exhibitions and gardens and woodland. More information will be available on those days from our team in the Visitor Centre.

However, spaces will be limited for the ‘Time’ tours, which will run between the hours of 11am and 4pm on weekdays. 

The Castle will be open during weekends

During weekends, no filming will take place and the castle, gardens and Railway Museum will be open to visitors.

Our Railway Month Weekends will also be full steam ahead every Saturday and Sunday (with the exception of Saturday 8 September) throughout September. Some rooms of the castle may remain closed but we hope to limit this as much as possible.

Once filming has finished, our house team and conservators will be busily reinstating any rooms that have been used for filming. We expect this to take place between 8 and 12 October.

Fully open again from 13 October

Penrhyn Castle and Garden will be open fully again from Saturday 13 October.

If you have any questions about planning your visit during the filming and afterwards then please feel free to contact our team at Penrhyn Castle.

We fully appreciate that the closure of parts of the castle may disappoint some of our visitors, but filming at National Trust Properties does bring in extra revenue for our charity that can help us in the vital conservation work we do.

Every day, between three and eight film shoots happen across a wide variety of National Trust places, bringing in millions extra for our cause each year.

In Penrhyn’s case, it also means that some ‘hard to reach’ areas will have a very thorough ‘deep-clean’ – something our conservation team are really looking forward to.

This is an amazing opportunity for Penrhyn Castle and Garden to play its part in an exciting and new experience, and to highlight our places and work to a worldwide audience. Another important benefit is that during the period of filming the local economy is getting a boost from the contribution made by the location crew. 

We realise that things will be a bit different for our visitors while filming is going on, but we ask you to bear with us and continue to support us during what are likely to be very busy and exciting weeks.

  • 10 and 14 September -  production company onsite for initial set-up

  • 17 September to 5 October – castle closed on some weekdays but weekends open as normal

  • 8 October to 12 October – sets removed from Penrhyn and rooms deep cleaned

  • 13 October – Penrhyn Castle returns to normal opening as advertised on website and National Trust handbook