Go geocaching at Penrhyn Castle this autumn

Do you enjoy hunting for treasure? If you’ve never heard of Geocaching, that’s pretty much exactly what it is - a digital treasure hunt!

You can go geocaching in many outdoor areas around the country and at several National Trust places, including here at Penrhyn Castle and Garden. All you need is a phone to download the app, or a GPS device - and a sense of adventure! Geocaching is a great way to get the whole family moving outdoors and looking for hidden treasure together, and it’s fabulous fun for all ages.

What is a geocache?

A geocache or ‘cache’ is a small treasure box which has been tucked away and carefully hidden outdoors. Geocache hunters seek out these hidden items, guided by a GPS enabled device. The device, which can be your own Android or iPhone with a free geocaching app, uses coordinates, or ‘waypoints’ which you can download on your app and use to follow and locate the treasure boxes along the way.

So… how do you get started?

Create a free account on the official geocaching website and download the app to a smart phone.

The app is available to download on Android devices at the Play Store and on Apple devices at the App Store. Users can choose a free version, which will show you your current nearest geocache, or you can pay so you can see further afield and have other benefits.

Getting started

  • You will need a smart phone (download the free app beforehand) or a GPS device
  • Come along to Penrhyn Castle and enter the co-ordinates
  • Choose a cache to hunt
  • Follow your phone app or GPS to lead you to the spot – then be prepared to be eagle eyed to spot it!
  • Fill out the log book and return the cache to its original hiding place
  • Celebrate being a brilliant treasure hunter!
What treasures will you find inside the cache?
A family explore the contents of a newly found geocache
What treasures will you find inside the cache?

What will you find?

The next question has to be, what will you find inside? 

A geocache is a container that holds a logbook. When a player finds the geocache, they can sign the logbook and also log their find on the geocaching website. The geocache should be replaced as found after signing the log for the next player. Some players like to leave a trinket or small item to swap. Please remember that if you take a treasure out of the box, you should leave another to replace it for the next player, so remember to come prepared! Trinkets can be little gifts, items like acorns, feathers, conkers, marbles … or even a small note to say hello and where you are from. Geocachers come from all around the world, so it’s a great way to reach out and say hi!

Is geocaching new at Penrhyn?

We’ve had a geocache here at Penrhyn for a number of years, but we have recently added a few more for intrepid hunters to find. So why not give it a go this autumn? The weather may be getting chillier and the days shorter, but there is always time for a bit of hunting for treasure together.