Harrison's Garden at Penrhyn Castle

This summer sees the finale of a spectacular touring art installation of over 5000 ticking clocks in Penrhyn Castle's derelict, unloved rooms.

Experience Harrison's Garden at Penrhyn Castle every day from 16 June to 4 November, 12pm - 4pm

'Harrison's Garden' by renowned artist Luke Jerram is inspired by the clock maker John Harrison who struggled for decades to make navigation at sea safer, by creating the most accurate clock the world had ever seen.

Would he ever have imagined that there would be clocks in almost every room of every house and that they would shape society so profoundly?

A feast for the eyes... and ears

The clocks will be placed in the derelict third floor of the keep at Penrhyn and grouped to form patterns and shapes along the surfaces - all set to different times so that visitors will hear a musical delight of ticking, clicking and chiming throughout the day.

This floor of the keep is usually only accesible to visitors by tour, bringing another dimension to the work - a glimpse behind the scenes, behind ripped and water damaged wallpaper; into Penrhyn's past.

An imagined landscape of time
A close up of clocks in the Harrison's Garden installation
An imagined landscape of time

Rhian Cahill, Visitor Experience Manager describes why Penrhyn Chose to be part of this project:

"Art has become a big part of the programme at Penrhyn Castle and this installation fits in perfectly with our plans for the future. Our theme this year is all about time; a time to relax, the changing seasons, our relationship with time and a time for change.

"As well as this incredible piece of art we're really excited to have managed to commission local writer Manon Steffan Ros, to explore Penhryn's relationship with time and its community - delivering 12 stories in time, linked to Penrhyn's past, present and future."

" For me, Harrisons Garden is an imagined landscape; a garden of clocks. It is a glimpse of a surreal fictional world or perhaps an image from one of John Harrison's dreams. Like a garden, the installation is a living and growing collection of different clock species."
- Luke Jerram

Become part of the artwork

Harrison's Garden has travelled around the country visiting National Trust properties, Nostell Priory, Castle Drogo and Gunby Hall, collecting more and more timepieces along the way, before arriving this summer at Penrhyn Castle.

Now it's our turn to become part of the artwork as we ask our local community to donate their clocks to the installation.

We have already been fortunate enough to secure the short term loan of a Quarry Clock from Neuadd Ogwen that will form part of the installation - bringing Penrhyn's tumultuous history once again into the heart of the castle, through art.

If you would like to donate your clock, please download the form below and send it to us.

For more information you can read our FAQ section or contact us by e-mail penrhyncastle@nationaltrust.org.uk or call 01248 353 084.

A close up of clocks in the Harrison's Garden installation

Become part of the artwork: Donation form

Fill in the form and send it to us to become part of this amazing artwork this summer.


Artist Luke Jerram with his clock installation Harrison's Garden

Harrison's Garden: Frequesntly asked questions 

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