Cwt Ogwen

If you go down into the woods today... you may be in for a big surprise! Especially if you haven’t visited along the river bank at Penrhyn Castle for a while!

Views out across the river Ogwen

Our woodland ranger team who care for the woods surrounding the castle have been very busy of late. They’ve been clearing and creating a peaceful area along the banks of the River Ogwen, and there is a brand new structure to show for all their hard at work - a hand built wooden hide for visitors to enjoy the wildlife and peaceful surroundings.

‘Cwt’ Ogwen

The wooden hide or ‘cwt’ in Welsh was built using traditional woodworking skills and the materials used were sourced from felled trees and reclaimed timber. It sits on specially built stilts above the water, providing an elevated view across to the River Ogwen and the fields and mountains of Snowdonia beyond.

New Natural Woodland Play Area

As well as an amazing hide, the Ranger Team have been busy creating a Natural Woodland Play Area. Ask at the Visitor Centre for details.

Bring your wellies

If you do come along to see Cwt Ogwen, it is a good idea to be prepared and bring some wellies - it can be a bit muddy down there. The team are regularly working in the area, continuing their work in preparing a boardwalk which will provide a more accessible walkway down to the river.  If you see the team at work during your visit, don't be afraid to ask them about their plans and the work they do here at Penrhyn, plas Newydd and it Glan Faenol.

" When I first went to those woods, that spot really appealed to me. I really wanted to give others the opportunity to share it, but not to ruin the peace of the area in doing so."
- John Whitley, Woodland Ranger