Spring garden trail 2020

What do you love about spring? Join us as we explore the world around us from different perspectives. #ILoveSpring

28 March to 22 May, 10.30am-4pm.

This spring we've enlisted the help of artists, rangers, farmers, beekeepers, environmental specialists and even put ourselves in the shoes of the animals to give you a glimpse of the garden from their perspective. 

Through their voices and the artwork of local artist Anna Gwenllian you can explore different themes and activities dotted around the garden, including:

View of the Conwy coastline from Penrhyn Castle on a sunny December day

The weather

Take note of the weather and help us to keep a record of how our seasons are changing. How do changes in weather affect nature?

" Spring last year was a revelation for me as the sounds of birds was a riot. I spent more time out and walking. Every now and then I would stop and listen. The countryside was letting you know it had woken up! "
- Keith Jones
A young bird sits on a branch

Flying the nest

Put yourselves in the shoes of young fledgling birds in the nest as they take their first flights! How does jumping out of the nest feel?

Bluebells in bloom at Penhryn Castle

Spring flowers

Hear how the flowers inspire artist Anna Gwenllian and weave a colourful ribbon into our spring arch - creating an ever changing artwork.

" Spring flowers are those very first little pops of vibrant colour to start the spring and summer off! They always inspire me to draw and paint their bright colours every time. "
- Anna Gwenllian
The high beech canopy in summer

Budding trees

The hammocks are back by popular demand! Lie back and look up into the spring canopy and take inspiration from the budding trees to create your own nature inspired poetry.

Spring lambs

Spring lambs

Bounce around like our neighbouring lambs and hear how a local farmer interacts with nature and what it means to them.

A close up of bees in a hive

Buzzing bees

Hear from our resident beekeeper, share your thoughts about bees and help fill our giant beehive with honeycomb.

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