‘Strike Penrhyn’ (2016) by Robyn Woolston

'Strike Penrhyn' (2016) is an installation that houses the voice of the community within the walls of the castle.

Robyn has spent the past six months talking to the local community, historians and visitors; listening to their stories and opinions about Penrhyn Castle, both bad and good.

Robyn sits in on Cor y Penrhyn rehersals.
Penrhyn Choir practice session

These interviews form the basis of a documentary film that explores the feelings and experiences of local quarrymen, both historical and contemporary, against the backdrop of the Great Strike of 1900 - 1903

A shared history

Alongside sit Trade Union banners reflecting the comments of volunteers, community members, staff, and words found on the Great Strike Memorial in Bethesda.

A closeup of a trade union banner created by Robyn Woolston for her 'Strike Penrhyn' installation.
A closeup of a trade union banner by Robyn Woolston
" There are challenging feelings that still reside within the hearts and minds of the people of Bethesda when considering Penrhyn Castle."
- Robyn Woolston, Artist in Residence

"There are rifts that began during the Great Strike that have continued to the present day, carried from grandfather, to father, to grandson. It's time these narratives were given greater space to 'breathe' so as to deepen our understanding of the legacy and history of the people that helped build the castle's wealth - from a cultural, historical and financial perspective”.


The Artists in Residence exhibition at Penrhyn Castle will run from the 28 April to the 2 October 2016.