Tower models go on display at Penrhyn Castle

Tower models created by visiting familes.

An exhibition of model towers is currently on display in the upper Keep corridor at Penrhyn Castle.

The towers were created by several very eager children (and their equally excited parents!) during a 3 day model making workshop held at the castle between 1 and 3 June this year with the local artist, Luned Rhys Parri.

Luned Rhys Parri

Luned is a professional artist who works with a variety of materials such as tinfoil, cardboard, photographs and wire.  She often combines these with paint to create quirky characters and images reminiscent of her roots in the countryside of Wales.  As an accomplished ex-student of Peter Prendergast, Luned has exhibited throughout Wales and further afield.

Tower models on display at Penrhyn Castle
Tower models on display at Penrhyn Castle
Tower models on display at Penrhyn Castle

During the workshop in June, the children worked together under Luned’s guidance to produce colourful and stunning model towers, all rather reminiscent of the Keep at Penrhyn Castle itself! 

The children used a selection of materials available and created widely different examples of what a tower could be.  Some have used photographs, others have ivy trailing across them, but all are individual and unique.

The exhibition is available to be viewed by the public in the castle until the end of the summer.