What's on this Christmas at Penrhyn Castle

Begin a new Christmas tradition with us this year. Evergreen decorations, cooking crafts, music and even some wreath making too. And who knows who might just pop in to say hell-ho ho ho ...

This year (2017) we're moving away from the commercial side of Christmas and focusing on creating a new and more festive family tradition.

Join us for a Christmas filled with music, traditional craft and cooking in the Victorian Kitchens, wreath making sessions (£3.50, online booking essential here) and there may even be an appearance from the big man in red - hoping that he can find the time with all his preparations at this time of year of course!

Bring the outdoors in

The Wild Elements team are helping us to bring the outdoors in by offering guidance and an encouraging word or two as you and your family and friends create an evergreen wreath together in the festive and opulent Grand Hall of the Castle. 

There will be a wide selection of items, all natural and carefully collected from the surrounding gardens and woodland for you to choose from as you create your very own traditional hoop wreath.  You could even make it as a gift for a relative, although we think you may not want to part with it after all your hard work!


Christmas in the kitchens at Penrhyn Castle
Christmas in the kitchens at Penrhyn Castle
Christmas in the kitchens at Penrhyn Castle

A warm welcome awaits in the Victorian Kitchens

Join us in the Victorian kitchens this year and become part of a whole new Christmas tradition here at Penrhyn Castle. Enjoy a relaxing spell surrounded by the sights and sounds (and even the smells) of a traditional Christmas before it all became so hectic.  Slow down and step back from all the hustle and bustle and see how the preparations are well underway 'below stairs'.  Cook will be making gingerbread star biscuits to decorate the tree and kitchen staff will be busily creating festive pomanders with aromatic citrus fruits and cloves.  Become part of life in the Victorian kitchens in the run up to Christmas and begin your festive season with us.

Traditional Christmas events at Penrhyn Castle each weekend 2 to 17 December 2017, 11am - 4pm .

(Garden admission prices only)

Please note that these events are limited to certain rooms in the castle and some areas are closed for the winter. The Railway Museum, Victorian Kitchens, catering and retail outlets as well as the gardens and grounds are also open.