Wild nature Mondays at Penrhyn Castle

Join the team from Wild Elements as they go exploring, learning and creating with all things wild and wonderful during the school holidays at Penrhyn Castle.

The gang from Wild Elements are up to their old tricks again!

They've put together a whole host of fun (and sometimes messy!) activities to get kids of all ages outdoors and playing every Monday during the school holidays.  We don't even mind if the grown-ups want to get stuck in too.

Bug hunting at Penrhyn Castle

Here at Penrhyn Castle we have the perfect setting for so many outdoor games and adventures  that we almost don't quite know what to do first.  Every Monday throughout the school holidays, the team have a different set of activities for you to get stuck into.  Just remember to bring appropriate clothing and footwear (we all know what the weather can be like) and join in the fun.

Here is a list of the themes and activities coming up during half term and summer holidays 2017:

Monday 29 May - 50 things family favourites

  • Make your very own 'Wild' art
  • Snail Race #17
  • Build a den  #4
  • Go on a walk barefoot #24

Monday 24 July - Come and meet the insects and their friends

  • Make a bug hotel #36
  • Hunt for bugs #31
  • Snail race #17
  • Hold a scary beast #30

Monday 31 July - Wild animal tracks and trails

  • Bird watching #44
  • Track wild animals #34
  • Wild mammal quiz #34
  • Climb a tree #1

Monday 7 August - Bushcraft skills and adventure

  • Cook on a campfire #47
  • Find your way with a map and compas #45
  • Geo-caching #49
  • Make a trail with sticks #12
  • Build a den #4

Monday 14 August - Playing with the elements!

  • Cook on a campfire #47
  • Fly a kite #7
  • Dancing in the rain/water play #6
  • Barefoot challenge #24 / Make a mud pie #13

Monday 21 August - Find the way

  • Find a Geo-cache #49
  • Fly a kite #7
  • Find your way with a map and compass #45
  • Make a trail with sticks #12
  • Barefoot challenge #24

Monday 28 August - Blowing in the wind

  • Fly a kite #7
  • Make a kite #7
  • Roll down a big hill #2
  • Barefoot challenge #24

Pick your favourites and come along to be at one with nature, every Monday during the school holidays, rain or shine.