Halloween at the Castle

This Halloween learn all about the ghosts lurking inside the Castle, make spooky puppets and join us for a theatrical Festival of the Dead. Are you scared yet?

A ghostly figure at Penrhyn Castle

Ghosts of Penrhyn Castle

Ever heard a creak or felt a chill on the back of your neck as you walked around the Castle? If you're feeling brave this Halloween join us as we explore the real ghost stories of Penrhyn Castle.

Festival of the Dead at Penrhyn Castle

Festival of the Dead

Seren Ddu a Mwnci theatre company treat us to tale of life and death with 'Digwl y Meirw' or 'Festival of the Dead'. Join us for the premiere of this fabulous Halloween puppet show. 28, 29, 30 & 31 October.

Shortbread biscuits at Penrhyn Castle

Funeral biscuits

The Victorians loved to bake for the dead. Join us in the creepy kitchens for a demonstration of shortbread biscuits fit for a funeral.

Spooky silhouttes of Penrhyn Castle

Puppet crafts

Make your own moving shadow puppet and use it to tell your spooky stories to scare your family!

Halloween facepainitng at Penrhyn Castle

Frightful face painting

Want to become a spooky spectre or a vampire bat? Head on down to the Stablau for freaky face painting. Available for an additional charge of £4 each. 20, 21 and 27 - 31 October.