Time at Penrhyn Castle

3 experiences on 3 floors. An installation mad up of thousands of ticking clocks, an artistic interpretation of Penrhyn's history and the effects of time on the castle and its contents.

Artist Luke Jerram hides behind a clock at Nostell Priory

Harrison's Garden at Penrhyn Castle

Experience the finale of Harrison's Garden as thousands of clocks are placed into the unloved floors at Penrhyn Castle.

Words stitched on fabric. A quote taken from Lord Penrhyn's Jamaica letters.

Manon Steffan Ros - 12 stories

12 fictional stories and artistic interventions by the author Manon Steffan Ros inside the castle.

Image of the damage to the chair in the Slate Bedroom at Penrhyn Castle

The effects of time at Penrhyn Castle

Find out how the house team attempt to stop the hands of time and reduce light exposure to preserve the items in our collection.