Renowned artists pack their bags for Penrhyn Castle

Published : 11 Nov 2016 Last update : 16 Nov 2016

Penrhyn Castle is delighted to announce the appointment of Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich as Artists in Residence for 2017.

Walker & Bromwich, a collaborative artistic practice, will have access to Penrhyn Castle for the next eight months, researching, creating and preparing for an exhibition due to be unveiled in early July 2017.

Their residency forms the third and final year of a collaborative project between Arts Council of Wales and the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle, which has explored the castles multiple narratives, hidden histories, and complex relationship with the local community. 

Large-scale iconic work

Zoe and Neil are known internationally for their large-scale iconic sculptural works, and participatory events and exhibitions that invite audiences to imagine better worlds.

The final year of the project aims to put all the elements together, culminating in an exciting large scale sculptural work sited within the castle, a live performative launch event, workshops, discussions and community interactions.

Friendly Frontiers by Walker & Bromwich
Friendly Frontiers by Walker & Bromwich. Large inflatible mountains in a galler
Friendly Frontiers by Walker & Bromwich

We asked Zoe and Neil what inspired them to apply for this residency:

“We are incredibly inspired by Penrhyn Castle, a site that chimes so closely with the core interests of our practice. Penrhyn is a constructed fantasy castle, hovering somewhere between the real and the imagined, yet beneath its opulent and powerful carapace lie a multitude of complex intersecting difficult narratives unravelling like the peeling layers of an onion.

“We are particularly interested in finding ways to think about labour and the manual labour that the castle is built on.

“We are also interested, for example, in drawing out what was achieved through the Great Strike: in its future legacy in the struggle for workers’ rights and to find a way to make a work that offers a space to reflect on this hard-won history and its significance today nationally and internationally.

"We would aim to make work that in some ways readdresses the balance of power and offers possibility.”

Watch this space

Rumours are rife around the historic castle and beyond as to how this exhibition will take shape over the coming months, with talk of large scale sculptures, music and performance.

Art Lending Library
Performers' procession with brightly coloured flags as part of Walker & Bromwich's Art Lending Library
Art Lending Library

What we do know is that visitors to the castle and other spaces will be able to contribute and perhaps even become part of the process of building this exhibition through workshops from Easter 2017 onwards.

The exhibition itself will launch with a spectacular launch event in July 2017 and run until November 2017.

For more information you can follow the artists on Facebook and Twitter as well as though our own social accounts and regular project blog updates.