Meet our Buggyfitness leader Natasha

Buggyfitness leader, Penrhyn Castle

Natasha - Buggyfitness leader

Meet Natasha, who runs our Buggyfitness sessions. Find out what exactly Buggyfitness is, and a bit about what makes Natasha tick!

What is Buggyfitness?

Buggyfitness is a fun, friendly exercise class for anyone with a buggy!

Everyone from beginners to fitness fans are invited to workout in the grounds of magical Penrhyn Castle. Classes are suitable for anyone wanting to feel fitter and to do a bit more than a walk with their little one. I’m an Exercise Referral Professional, holding advanced qualifications enabling me to train people with managed health conditions too. Mums (from 6 weeks postnatal or 10 weeks after a caesarean), dads, grandparents and carers are all welcome. 

Why do you run Buggyfitness classes?

I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 20 years. After the birth of my first child I began training mums and little ones indoors. After my second child I myself needed a bit of push to get outside and enjoy fresh air so I put my qualifications to work and started teaching outdoors too. 

A group of buggyfit participants in front of Penrhyn Castle

Why do exercise classes outside?

Whilst studying at Bangor Uni, I volunteered with Territorial Army where I became confident in doing workouts in challenging environments. I also learnt the huge benefits of training outside. Our bodies are so adaptable and not really designed to live indoors. The immersive experience of exercising with the elements around us has far reaching benefits affecting both our mental health and immune systems. Positive effects of Buggyfitness are increased vitality, it’s great for strength and cardio and it’s stress busting too! 

What’s your favourite part of Penrhyn?

As a child, exploring and creating stories was a favourite pastime, so I just love the Walled Garden. It offers a sense of adventure and lights up my imagination again. I enjoy this kind of space and I’m so pleased to teach there. I’m a happy trainer!