Lisa Heledd Jones

Artist in residence, Penrhyn Castle

Lisa Heledd Jones - Artist in residence

Penrhyn Castle's new artists in residence have been chosen, from tens of applications around the globe. Find out more about the artists, what they do and why they are here.

All about Lisa

Lisa Heledd Jones works with personal narratives to create sound and story experiences that bring together people and landscapes – this may be through audio walks, performance or installation.

Lisa began her career on the award winning BBC Capture Wales (Cipolwg ar Gymru) project working with photographer (and previously her lecturer in photojournalism), Daniel Meadows, travelling around Wales running digital storytelling workshops in miner’s institutes and village halls, arts centres, schools and public houses. In a pre-youtube world (can you imagine?!), these workshops gave people the skills and confidence they needed to make their own short films and they allowed the space for voices to be heard that otherwise wouldn’t have been. In the 7 years of the project's life over 600 stories were produced in Welsh and English – creating an alternative map of Wales through the stories of the people who lived there.

" Lisa Heledd Jones's audio installation is a touching elegy to a friend and a heartfelt documentary that looks back at a city's long-dwindled glory days, meditating on memory and how lost friends live on in the stories they told"
- Billy Barret, Fest Magazine (Review of Trace, by Lisa Heledd Jones)

Inspired by her masters degree in Performance in 2012, Lisa starting working with sound and landscapes and telling her own stories alongside facilitating others to tell theirs. She now lives on the side of a hill in Pontfadog where she works as digital storyteller, curator of theatre for Machynlleth Comedy Festival and runs her own company, Storyworks, where - alongside other artists, health professionals, researchers, charities, patients, and theatre companies - she makes participatory media, films and locative experiences that try, in some way, to make a positive change in people's lives.

Why this project?

"My work is about people and places and the stories they tell. I listen carefully to those stories by walking, taking pictures and recording sounds and voices. I’m most interested in the unheard and overlooked in a place and finding the right ways of making those more visible.

Using what I gather and hear I put together a new story for people to experience it might be through a performance, film or installation or a mixture of all three.

My previous work has included the stories of hospital wards, closed rural schools, football fans, friendship and a lighthouse. I’m excited that the next place will be a castle.

My mam and dad love a castle, monuments of status and battle that tell stories of our history just by standing there. Our holidays were spent towing an orange and cream caravan to various sites of special interest around Britain. As long as there was a giant pencil at the end, I was pretty happy.
Penrhyn Castle was not one we visited. Its status and battle, too close to home, and part of our own family history.

But there’s so much I don’t know and want to find out. My plan is to spend time in and around Bethesda, Bangor and the castle itself, listening very carefully to what those places and their people, those who live there now, and have lived there in the past have to share".