Joanne Wardrop

Artist in Residence, Penrhyn Castle

Joanne Wardrop - Artist in Residence

Penrhyn Castle's new artists in residence have been chosen, from tens of applications around the globe. Find out more about the artists, what they do and why they are here.

All about Jo...

Joanne Wardrop creates work for people to interact with in their everyday surroundings. These objects and performances are catalysts that question the ‘established truths’ of those surroundings, often studying or suggesting alternatives. Joanne is always attracted by the untold, unspoken stories of places, which are inspiration for her work.

She sometimes works with film, sometimes with performance, sometimes with dressing up, and sometimes with object making, but ALWAYS with people.

" “It is with an audience and lively discussion that my work comes alive… Gallery-white-walls have never ‘done it’ for me”"
- Joanne Wardrop

When not at Penrhyn, Joanne lectures at Goldsmiths College and the Royal College of Art. She has worked with museums, including the National Maritime Museum, London, the Wellcome Collection, London and the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford. These are all good places to have challenging and interesting conversations. This is why Joanne likes to work with them and why she likes Penrhyn.

Joanne was one of the artists during the first phase of Penrhyn Castle's Artists in residence project.

Why come back?

"I applied for this second phase, as I have unfinished business with the site and its connected and surrounding communities.

"The month I spent there felt like an amazing research period, which I have been lucky enough to step away from, digest, and return with a more refined, detailed and directed project.

"I feel privileged to say, from my last experience, I somewhat understand the place and now feel I know what I want to do with that comprehension.”